Litigation and Dispute Resolution

We live and breathe litigation. Our firm has an exceptionally high batting average across multiple legal fields, including criminal, civil, corporate, and administrative cases. We have handled cases in courts of law, from trial courts to the Supreme Court, and in administrative tribunals. The partners of the firm also have substantial experience in ad hoc and institutional arbitration.

Our firm will be with you at every step of the conflict resolution process, including pre-litigation meetings with opposing parties in corporate board rooms, actual warfare in courts of law, and settlement negotiations. We are experienced in the following fields:

We repeatedly handle and win high-stakes criminal litigation, both for the accused and the prosecution. Through the years, we have executed precise and refined legal strategies to prove our client’s innocence, or the accused’s guilt, in a swift and timely manner. True enough, we consistently secure dismissals for our clients even before cases against them reach a court of law.

Should you engage our services, your case will be handled by our “made” lawyers, who have been tested and polished by countless hours in heated trials and post-arrest damage control. Our secret is simple – iron sharpens iron. Our lawyers act as devil’s advocate for one another, making sure that all theories and strategies run through the firm’s collective legal gauntlet, before they reach the courts. You will never be caught flat-footed under our watch.

Our roster of cases includes murder, serious physical injuries, syndicated estafa, cyber libel, violence against women and their children, falsification, money laundering, dangerous drugs cases, tax crimes, and illegal possession of firearms, among others. We also handle cases involving public officials such as graft and corruption, and plunder, before the Ombudsman and the Sandiganbayan.

We understand the nature of family cases – highly sensitive, emotionally charged, and extremely confidential. Our firm deftly navigates the intricacies of these delicate issues. We have handled custody battles, estate and inheritance disputes, annulment cases and resulting divisions of properties, recognition of foreign divorce, support cases, and adoption cases, to name a few. We will give you counsel on, and represent you in, these matters, keeping in mind the tiniest details about the various personal relations attendant to each case’s distinct familial ecosystem.

Disputes inevitably arise in day-to-day interactions. Civil law is one of the broadest practice areas, because there is a specifically applicable legal provision to every situation, be it contractual relations, daily interaction between neighbors, and dealings between a tenant and a landlord, among others. Equally important is knowing the procedure employed by the judiciary in civil cases. After all, procedure can determine the outcome of litigation.

Our firm has successfully handled a multitude of civil cases, including contract disputes between companies and individuals such as construction contracts, deeds of sale, non-compete and confidentiality agreements, management contracts, lease contracts, rescission of said contracts, enforcement and execution of previous judgments, unjust enrichment, and damages, among others. Our mastery of the applicable laws and rules have secured our success in these complex legal scenarios.

Arbitration is a fairly recent mode of dispute resolution where cases are mainly adjudicated through private means, outside the jurisdiction of our courts. It may be done ad hoc, or under the auspices of arbitration institutions such as the Philippine Dispute Resolution Center, and the Construction Industry Arbitration Commission.

We help our clients in all phases of arbitration, including the demand to arbitrate, selection of arbitrators, drafting of terms of reference, drafting of statements of claims and defenses, drafting of hearing briefs, presentation of evidence, and drafting of post-hearing briefs. We handle post-arbitration cases, including recognition, enforcement, vacation, modification, and correction of awards.

Our firm can assist you in drafting contracts with arbitration clauses, so that all disputes with the counter-party go through an expedited conflict resolution process, ensuring a timely decision.

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