Corporate and Commercial

Corporate and commercial practice covers a wide range of commercial and financial activities. We have acted for, represented, and advised our clients in matters such as:

  • the sale and purchase of business assets;
  • setting up of business structures;
  • corporate governance and compliance;
  • finance and securities; and
  • revenue implications of commercial transactions.

The firm also works with its clients in formulating and implementing legal corporate and/or business policies and strategies in various aspects of our clients’ operations. We are engaged in the following fields of commercial practice:

The firm’s corporate legal services cover various aspects of our clients’ business operations. The firm is experienced in handling our clients’ corporate housekeeping needs, which includes: (1) administration and custody of legal documents; (2) attendance in directors’ and stockholders’ meetings; (3) drafting and preparation of board resolutions and other authorizations on corporate transactions and dealings; (4) compliance with reportorial requirements; and (5) amendment of corporate papers and documents.

Aside from corporate housekeeping, we have assisted our clients, be it a start-up company or one that has been in its industry for a significant period of time, in their day-to-day operations. We give prompt and sound legal advice covering labor law, civil law, and commercial law, on queries that help management in its decision-making process involving employees, contracts, and dealings with third parties and government entities, among others. Our services have helped our clients avoid unnecessary litigation that would hamper their business. We also advise our clients on the different types of business organizations, and assist them in registering their business and applying for special licenses.

We provide the necessary legal advice and assistance through all stages of our clients' commercial transactions. We are well-versed in the documentation of both simple and complex agreements, business dealings, and transactions. Some of the transactions that we have handled include comprehensive due diligence for BVI corporations, asset sales, and mergers and acquisitions. We endeavor to understand and provide the needs and requirements of our clients in the conduct of their business.

Most businesses are recalled and remembered by the uniqueness of their name, logo, or goods and services. Without adequate protection, these valuable assets may be unlawfully appropriated by another. The partners of the firm are adept in protecting intellectual properties through patent, copyright, and trademark registration. We have handled intellectual property cases for companies of varying sizes - from start-up businesses to well-known and established companies in the country. We understand that finding a niche in the Philippine market may spell the difference between success and failure. As such, we ensure that our clients’ intellectual properties are always protected.

We assist businesses with their data privacy needs by conducting initial due diligence on data practices, pointing out the red flags, and mapping out and executing action plans for regulatory compliance. All the while, we take the intricacies of each client’s internal cyber security structure, into consideration. Go ahead and speak tech to us. Your language is our language.

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